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The Viper MEGA and SUPER disposable vapes made by FUME QRJOY is there latest and greatest display on how the company is moving in the right direction and gaining momentum in the ever fierce vaping industry.

With the release of these two vapes you can enjoy vaping knowing that they come from a trusted vape company QRJOY. Between these two devices you can enjoy 26 in total delightful fruity flavors. Viper Super is filled with 7.5ml of e-liquid and with the 1000mAh should give you roughly arounds 2500 puffs. Were as the VIPER MEGA comes with a slightly bigger battery 1500mAh and a pod e-liquid size of 12ml which should give you an estimate of 3500 puffs. 

Both these vapes need no charging so simply unpack and start vaping, they are draw activated meaning that there are no buttons to press or click just hit them and they start to work.


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