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Have you heard of HYPPE Disposable Vapes? It's an all-in-one vape brand that was founded and popularized in the USA, with its headquarters located in Los Angeles. They've been growing globally, with teams present in the USA, EU, UK, and Asia. As one of the top 3 ENDS brands in the nation, HYPPE is already available for consumer purchase in the USA in over 30,000 stores and many different online retailers.

Their vision is to be a more trustworthy disposable vape brand in the world. HYPPE's mission is to bring excellent disposable vaping products to adult smokers through scientific and technological innovation. Their values include loyalty, ingenuity, accountability, respect, and commitment.

HYPPE strives for constant innovation and product development to meet the consumers' needs while providing an alternative means of discontinuing combustible cigarette consumption effectively and pleasantly. They pride themselves on their proprietary e-liquid flavor combinations, unique to the brand.

With quality and safety at the forefront of the HYPPE mission, heavy investment has been made for in-house R&D and test-lab capabilities. Most of HYPPE's products strictly obey the PMTA standard from FDA and meet the TPD requirement in EU. The HYPPE compliance team worked diligently and methodically to make sure that all of their products were notified in conformity with the EU submission system.

Internationally certified testing procedures guarantee the safety and reliability of products, including draw resistance test, temperature & humidity test, drop test, quadratic image test, electric capacity test, pressure test, salt spray test, and vibration test.

Our customers can now buy from HYPPE with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their products are fully notified as required by the TPD. The fully TPD notified range from HYPPE includes a wide range of disposable vaping products and more to come.

Ensuring Product Authenticity and Safety: Why Authenticating Your HYPPE Disposable Vapes is Important

Authenticating your vapes is crucial to ensure that you are using genuine products from trusted manufacturers. Counterfeit and fake vapes are often made with substandard materials, which can pose serious health risks to users. These fake products may also have inconsistent flavor profiles and can potentially malfunction or even explode, causing harm to the user.

To provide customers with peace of mind, HYPPE Disposable Vapes offers a simple and easy-to-use authentication system on their website. By entering the product code or scanning the QR code on the packaging using your smartphone's camera, the system will quickly verify if the product is genuine or not. This allows you to confirm that you are using high-quality, safe, and reliable vaping devices.

In addition to the product code, HYPPE Disposable Vapes also offers a convenient QR code verification system. Scanning the QR code on the packaging takes you directly to the authentication page on their website, providing a quick and easy way to verify the authenticity of your HYPPE Disposable Vapes products.

With multiple options available to authenticate your HYPPE Disposable Vapes products, you can be confident that you are using genuine products from a trusted brand. This commitment to authenticity and safety is just one of the many ways that HYPPE Disposable Vapes prioritizes their customers' well-being.

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