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Ignite Vapes, a prominent player in the global lifestyle brand market, is distinguished by its commitment to premium quality, innovation, and an uncompromising standard of excellence. Founded and inspired by CEO Dan Bilzerian, Ignite has emerged as a leader in various sectors, including CBD, nicotine, spirits, beverages, and a premium apparel line for an active lifestyle. Their vape products are renowned for their superior components, including batteries, heating elements, and liquids, which result in a remarkably low defect rate of less than 0.005%, far below the industry average.

Ignite's approach to marketing is both authentic and disruptive, focusing on quality first. The company has seen rapid expansion since its U.S. launch in September 2018, spreading into markets such as the UK, Mexico, the Middle East, and Canada. As a socially responsible entity, Ignite uses its brand power to promote a healthy lifestyle, believing in the positive impact of its actions on the company, its employees, and its shareholders. The brand's philosophy is clear and unapologetic: to provide the ultimate experience to its customers, adhering to the principle of 'the best or nothing'