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Kings Crest is an Award-Winning gourmet E-liquid distributor and manufacturer based out of South Florida USA. Their products first line of premium E-liquid comprised of 6 intricate flavors.

Our Reserve line infused flavors offers four variations of our best selling juices. Kings Crest has put their heart-soul into each of these juices and for you this means a delicious, high quality flavor whether you are new to vaping or a veteran user.

Kings Crest has earned its claim as e-liquid royalty and defended its title at every turn. 

Some of our amazing flavors include:

  • Salts Strawberry Duchess 30ml
  • Strawberry Duchess 120ml
  • Salts Blueberry Duchess 30ml
  • Salts Duchess Reserve 30ml
  • Monarch 120ml
  • Salts Don Juan Reserve 30ml
  • Puddin King 100ml
  • KRSPY King
  • Duke 120ml
  • Don Juan Tabaco Dulce 120ml
  • Duchess Reserve 120ml
  • Duchess 120ml
  • Don Juan Cafe 120ml
  • Don Juan Churro 120ml
  • Don Juan 120ml
  • Don Juan Reserve 120ml
  • Corn King 100ml
  • Blueberry Duchess 120ml
  • Candy King 100ml
  • Bread King 100ml
  • Blue Queen 120ml

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