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Buy in Bulk today at The Smoke Plug and save on all Wholesale Disposable Vape Pods and Device Bundles.

On our 10PK (Pack) Bundle you can choose up to ten of your favorite Disposable Vape Flavors at the lowest prices. Disposable vapes are small pre-charged, pre-filled non-rechargeable devices, with delicious vape juice. Easy and convenient,  just grab the pack and start vaping. When you are finished vaping just toss away.  We Sell Vape Products at Wholesale Distribution prices which are ideal for transitioning smokers or vapers on-the-go.  Check our store for the Best Deals with our Coupons and Discount Codes for everything Vaping for the Lowest Prices for Disposable Vape Pods around. 

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10 Pk Disposable Vape Pod Bundle

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