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RYSE Disposable are dependable and guarantee ultimate satisfaction with every puff.. You won't be disappointed with all these infused flavors.

Our pocket size disposable device holds your potentially new favorite vape juice known as a brand named RYSE. This company is known to come at you with top-notch quality using the best ingredients as well as the pull of the hit. Their smooth clouds soaking your tongue in luxurious fruits with every hit

What makes this line even more exiting is that it has 16 delicious different flavors to choose from. You can get something new each time you place an order. And let’s not forget to mention the latest mentholated flavors. You got lip-smacking fruits that pack an icy surprise blending itself into different flavors of your choice.

Try tow of our main lines which can be purchase in different size Bundles, and all of which have tons of different flavors to choose form.

RYSE Max Disposable Vape
RYSE Disposable Vape Device

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