What's the difference between Vape Pod and Vape Mods?

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What's the difference between Vape Pod and Vape Mods?

Vaping is an easy and enjoyable way to quit smoking or to keep smoking in a less harmful way. However, when it comes to vaporizers, e-liquids and a range of accessories, the choices presented to you can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming and it's worth understanding two similar-sounding terms in particular when they're applied to vape kits. Whether you are a veteran or want to quit smoking and if you are not familiar with e-cigarettes or have been smoking for a while, you may notice the latest popularity of pod e-cigarettes. Vape has two different styles and applications: mod and pod.

Much like the name, box mods are a bulkier e-cig model that offer more power and flavor than vape pens. The mod itself is separate from the tank and battery, and the increased customization, bigger clouds and often-better flavor, rank highly with more-advanced vapers.

Not only are they different in appearance, strap-on e-cigarettes are smaller and more convenient, and you should also consider other significant differences between mods and pods when deciding which to buy. With the advent of various devices, let's take a look at the main differences between Pod and Mod, and the best e-juice to use on each device. The key differences between a mods and pods are mainly due to several factors-size, functionality, affordability and e-liquid. Knowing your ‘Pod' from your ‘Mod' will help you understanding what type of vaper you are and what device best suits your needs.

Mod or Mod Box are modifiable box-shaped devices that use sub-ohm technology to provide more power to vapers and subsequently provide more vapor. These advanced devices allow vapers to modify the moveable parts of the vaporizer such as coils and wicks, which alter the mechanics and resistance of power. Thus you can play with the power and temperature of your vaporizer, which in turn can help improve flavor and vapor cloud size.

Mods will use a tank to store e-liquid, with many vapers choosing to mix their own blends of e-liquid to suit their tastes. As you may know, e-liquid is typically made from pharmaceutical grade freebase nicotine, flavorings, as well as PG and/or VG liquid. PG is known for enhancing flavor and the thicker consistency of VG will increase the density of vapor produced, therefore, you'll be able to play with ratios of PG and VG to find your perfect vape, unique to your taste buds. Having the ability to adjust and tailor the settings of box mods to enhance flavor and cloud production makes this the ideal device for those keen on playing with their vaping experience.

The downside to mods is size and affordability. Due to the variety of moveable parts and choice of e-liquids, carrying around a box mod isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do. You'll ideally need a carry case for your equipment and space to set up your device as and when you're keen on a vape. Vape mods, also require more work along with the refilling of the tanks, or changing the coil at least twice a month, which can become pricey.

E-liquids Vape mods are usually used by more advanced vapers who don't mind carrying around a device that's slightly larger knowing they will get that perfect hit with the perfect clouds every time. Vapers can also choose liquids that have different nicotine amounts or no nicotine at all, great if you trying to quit smoking.

Mod advantages and disadvantages

More Flavor Production Consume more ejuice
More Powerful More Expensive
Much more Vapor Production More difficult to use
Customizable - interchangeable tanks, coils, juice, settings
More Powerful Battery

Pods on the other hand are best used with nicotine salt e-liquid . This juice has a higher concentration of nicotine and is available in higher nicotine strengths. It is highly advised not to use nic salts with a sub-ohm vape mod.

So what are Vape Pods?

Since pods are used with nicotine salts, they're more ideal for someone who has just switched from smoking to vaping. They're also known to give a much better throat hit than standard vape mods. This, combined with an intense nic hit, making you want to pick up the vape more often or whenever you feel like a cigarette. The sleek design of most pods make them lightweight and easy to carry around. Since pods are designed to be easy to use, they're a great option for smokers who don't want to be overwhelmed by too many buttons to push or settings to program.

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Affordability Refillable pods are usually more cost-effective, refillable pods are the cheapest way to vape because you have the ability to refill your own pods with a high concentration of nicotine salts in the flavors that you love. Because you should only need a bottle or two of your favorite e-liquid monthly, you'll be spending less money than buying already filled pods.

Pod Systems Quick analogy

When it comes to vaping, not all vape pods and devices are made equal. As the market becomes more advanced, there are now different types of vape pods available for each different type of vape user, from those who want to vape discreetly, to those who want huge clouds, to those who want a device that closely resembles a smoking experience. The best vape device is the one that allows the vaper to vape the way they want to vape and that means different vape pods for each person.

Pod vapes are new generation devices that take pen-style mods to the next level. Unlike its pen style counterparts, pods are based around ultra simplicity; accepting a pre-filled pod that can simply be popped into the device. These types of pods are built for ultimate compactness and are made to be easily carried in a pocket or purse. With pod vapes, there's no need to carry around large bottles of juice to refill your device; just grab a couple pods on your way out the door and you're set for the day!

You'll probably love a pod system if you're looking for:

  1. A small and lightweight device that fits anywhere.
  2. A discrete and non-bulky device that doesn't resemble a normal vape mod.
  3. A great travel companion, even as a secondary device if you already own other mods.

POD advantages and disadvantages

Cheaper than Mods Fewer Vaping Options
More Discreet, Stealth Vaping Cannot be Customized, Prefilled Pods
Easier to Use, Ideal for if you are new to Vaping Batteries are not as Powerful
Easy to use and Portable Less Vapor and Flavor produced

Pods have only been around for a short time, but their popularity has sky-rocketed thanks to a variety of qualities that define them over more traditional devices.

Before pod kits came along, vapes were conventionally comprised of a tank to contain your e-liquid, an atomizer to heat the e-liquid and a mod to power the device. Tanks are usually comprised of glass and metal, which when combined with a mod and its battery, offered devices that were relatively heavy and cumbersome for casual users.

Pod kits took the same principles behind the tank and mod design but configured the tank or pod to attach flush to the pod in a way that was more ergonomic, sleek and lightweight. The result was a device that was far lighter and more convenient to carry around for casual vapers. Without heavy power requirements, this allowed manufacturers to shrink the pod and its internal battery to create a device that was much smaller than before while eschewing more advanced features that might have been an obstacle for newer vapers. Less power often means less vapor but for many vapers, this more discreet-style vape suits them perfectly.

Different Hardwae for Vape Devices Tank, Pod and Coil

The pod devices that are available to all vapers now, such as those found right here Starter Kits, represent an incredible evolution of this practical and satisfying vape device. The best pod kits offer vapers a superb experience whether they're as simple as button-free auto-firing kits like the bestselling Smok Nord 4Smok Novo XFreeMax FireLuke 2 Tank or more advanced ‘pod mods' that give users unprecedented control over their vaping such as the VOOPOO Drag Nano Kit or the SMOK NORD X 60 W Pod System Kit, Pro Pods are available as replaceable pods, a ‘closed-pod system' which contains a fixed, non-replaceable coil where you simply dispose of the whole pod when it reaches the end of its effective life cycle and replace it with a new pod. Other pods utilize replaceable coils where you simply replace the coil at the end of its life but retain the pod. Most pods can be refilled with your choice of e-liquid, but some, such as the JUUL , offer the ultimate convenience of prefilled pods.

So What Really is Vape Mods & Pods in a Nutshell ?

Vape mods are pretty standard these days, even more, common than the old vape pens which you still see on rare occasions.

They work simply: they have a coil of wires with measured resistance that are wrapped around or through cotton depending on the coil design. You hit the button, the coil heats up, and vapor is released through the mouthpiece and you inhale the vapor.

You'll see both mods and pods varieties, with the latter being quite popular in recent years due to the simplicity of their use.

Most box mods have a lot of ways to adjust the temperature and exact voltage to change the hit you receive from the vape. Experimentation is key to producing the best run. They're appealing to enthusiasts, but many people find them unnecessary.

On the other hand, the majority of pods are a simple setup. The main disadvantages of traditional vape mods are that they're bulky in the pocket, have a tendency to leak on occasion, and loading them is tedious. Loading is also often messy, depending on the type of mod and bottle of vape juice you're using.

Still, they remain a favorite for those who are really into the vaping experience. The low ohm coils and large tanks allow for better flavor and longer-lasting experience. Vape Pods on the other hand are Simple, Direct and Clean. 

Vape Pods like the infamous Juul, are relatively new. Simplified variants had been tried before, but often fell short of the mark due to quality control issues.

Having expanded beyond their initial branding, however, many vapers have found them to be a discrete and straightforward way to go about things and are relatively simple to use. These Pods consist of just a power source, a pressure sensor, and a bit of circuitry. You then put on a pod which contains both the coil and vaporizer.

On most you don't even need to hit a button, the pressure sensor picks up when you're bringing air through the device and automatically starts powering the coil. With a vape pods, there's no need for carrying bottles of fluid and extra coils. So there is less a chance of spilling vape juice all over your pants, and they're usually around the size of a flash drive which makes them convenient to carry. Vape pods lack the power of larger vapes. But most make up for it by using nicotine salts instead of freebase nicotine in their juices, making the relatively small amount of liquid much more potent on a hit-for-hit basis.

For those who really like to vape, there is not much fluid in a pod so chain vapers can easily overwhelm their bodies with too much nicotine if they are not careful and choose a lower nicotine concentration.

Unfortunately, the convenience makes for a less customizable experience. The small size of most pods also means that the batteries are more modest, often containing only a quarter of the power of the 18650 battery which is standard in regular vape mods.

For heavy vapers that will usually mean either carrying a portable charger in their pocket or a couple of mods so they can keep going for the whole day.

What are Vape Pod Mods?

A final word on the compact powerhouses we call Pod Mods. Pod mods take the portability and ease of use of pod kits and add the power and features of kitted out mods. They're an incredibly versatile vape device that let vapers use the full spectrum of e-liquids with numerous coil resistances that truly allow for limitless control over your vape experience.