What Is The Differences Between Vape Pens And Box Mods ?

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Vape pens and box mods are both excellent devices and are not only different in their physical design but also their uses. Vape Pen's are Perfect for Beginners and also preferred for people wanting to quit smoking as they replicate holding an ordinary cigarette in a great way, then pulling a puff in the mouth to lung . Its action is not only what makes pens ideal for newbies but also its low cost, simplicity, and little maintenance.

If you're new to Vaping you may prefer a no-frills, hassle-free vaping experience and that is why a vape pen is a great place to start. Vape pens are also fantastic for discreetly getting your fix outside offices, pubs or restaurants, and the lightweight build makes them ideal for when you're on the move. You can still choose from epic flavors like the newly released Glamee Pro which comes in 8 great flavors or Glamee Nova with 10 great flavors and if you've got a limited budget, they're extremely well-priced.

Vape Pens are Ideal for Nicotine Salts. Vapers can enjoy a satisfying vaping experience with a higher content of nicotine than they would in a vape juice. This implies that they would not require to vape as much and save on battery life.

Like all vapes, they're powered by a battery, have a tank for e-liquids and a mouthpiece with either a draw-to-puff or push-to-fire mechanism. The all-in-one build, lower price and convenience make them ideal for newbie vapers or transitioning smokers and safety should always be taken seriously with any Vape device you use.

The Vape Pen system is made compact by the small size of the battery, but if you need a device you can vape the whole day without connecting them to a charge, then a pod system will disappoint you. So unfortunately if this is the only device you own then you will need to carry a charger with you every time you step out of the house.

For the most part the term 'vape pen' is used to mean the same thing as an e-cigarette or any vape device regardless of whether it's an open or closed system. However, sometimes the phrase 'vape pen' refers specifically to a type of e-cigarette defined by its compact size, simplicity of use and usually closed-system flavors. They are also a perfect fit for nicotine salt e-liquid , making them a very efficient vape for nicotine delivery.

What is a Box MOD?

Box mod vapes are typically bigger than other vaporizers, box mod are one of the most powerful types of vaporizers one can use. Box mods differ from other vaporizers in some ways. Box Mods typically come with a larger battery that lasts longer than vape pens and small vapes.

For the vaper looking to up their game most turn to the box mod for different reasons, however a box mod is the ultimate vaporizer for those seeking both customizability and versatility. They can power up any atomizer and allow each one to max out its potential. Whether it be alternating between the level of intensity of a throat hit or just having an extensive collection of atomizers for different occasions, the box mod offers users the most customization potential of any vaporizer.

Designed with power and customization in mind, box mods give you full control of your vaping experience. Adjustable wattage and temperature control give you flexibility in power, temperature, and vapor production. Well known for their battery life, most box mods accommodate at least two 18650 batteries, and provide easy access to swap in fresh ones on the go.

Box mod vapes have chipsets that allow for even more personalization. Many devices offer options to change screen color, lighting, puff count limits, how hard or soft the pull is, and even voice control or built in Bluetooth speakers. Some newer mods on the market bring waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof technologies, making them great options for the job site or hike.

RTAs, and RDAs can be swapped via the 510 connection, allowing for even more customization. With all of the options available to dial in your vape, box mods provide all the tools necessary to create a vaping experience to match your personality and style.


One of the biggest reasons box mod vaporizers are so popular is that they tend to have a much longer battery life. Battery life on a vaporizer can be incredibly important for people using vaping as a means of quitting smoking. If the vaper is using their vaporizer as a way to combat the craving for cigarettes or tobacco, and the vaporizer battery dies, this can sometimes cause the user to relapse and smoke a cigarette.


Without a doubt, one of the best features of box mod vaporizers is their ability to control temperature. With traditional vaporizers, there was a one size fits all approach to temperature. The user had zero control over how hot their vaporizer hit and was often left wondering at what temperature were they vaping.

With box mod vaporizers, users can specify what temperature they want their vapor to be. This control may seem insignificant at first, but after using this feature, you'll be sure to see the benefits.

There are no dry hits with temperature control. When a vaporizer without temperature control runs out of e-liquid, vapers experience what is called a dry hit. Temperature controls prevent dry hits by not allowing the materials of the vaporizer ever to get above a certain temperature.

Another advantage of temperature control is the ability to vape different flavors at different temperatures. can produce a better flavor than vaping them at higher temperatures.


Wattage control is another great benefit of box mods. With wattage control, vapers can have greater customization options over how much vapor they receive per hit, how much of a throat hit they achieve, and how their flavor tastes.

This customization allows vapers to get exactly the type of hit they are looking for when they want it. Everyone vapes differently. Some people like to take a big number of quick hits with little vapor while others prefer to take a smaller number of hits with huge vapor clouds. Whatever the style, the fact that vape users can customize their experience has had an enormous impact on the popularity of box mod vaporizers. SUB-OHM VAPING Sub-ohm vaping is likely the cause. With a box mod vaporizer, users can attach a sub-ohm atomizer which can allow them to vape with a resistance level of less than 1 ohm and can produce beast like clouds.

Ohms is the the unit of measurement that determines how much resistance is applied to the electrical signal traveling from the battery to the atomizer. Therefore a sub-ohm vaporizer allows for less electrical resistance allowing for more signal to flow to the atomizer.

Sub-ohm vaping comes with some benefits. A bigger cloud is one of the most significant improvements. Along with huge clouds, users can draw out more flavor from their vapor which creates a more pleasant experience overall.

There are many different types of vape box mods, but generally, a regulated box mod is probably best for you if: You're looking for a powerful but safe sub-ohm vaping experience. You want a device with a variety of available coils, and one that allows you to change settings for your ideal vape experience. You want to have better battery life and more vaping between charges. WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR ME? Every vaper is different, some favor discretion, ease-of-use or something lightweight. Others put flavor and clouds above everything else. The good news is that there's one out there for you. Besides variety is one of the signature benefits for vapers. With virtually limitless combinations of e-liquid flavors and vape devices, finding the perfect setup is just a few clicks away.

If you've been vaping the same old juice for weeks, switch it up from our huge range of e-liquids.

When choosing between vape mods, it's important to understand the differences in style and function. Every vaper has their own unique set of needs, whether it be extended battery life, portability, or ease of use.

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