Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer Stylized Kit

White - Atmos Kiln RA Kit
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The Atmos Kiln RA Kit is an updated version of Atmos' original Kiln Kit vaporizer, now with replaceable atomizers for an expanded lifespan. As the original, the Kiln RA Kit features a deep ceramic heating chamber with pure ceramic heating element, this provides one of the cleanest and most flavorful...




Grunge Black
Grunge Black

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Splatter Black

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Scarab Yellow

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Cracked White

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The Atmos Kiln RA Kit is an updated version of Atmos' original Kiln Kit vaporizer, now with replaceable atomizers for an expanded lifespan.

As the original, the Kiln RA Kit features a deep ceramic heating chamber with pure ceramic heating element, this provides one of the cleanest and most flavorful vapor qualities possible while also ensuring an extremely efficient vape method. These ceramic disc atomizers feature a two post design that can be quickly and easily removed using the included screw driver, this allows you to purchase a number of replacement atomizers separately to keep your new Kiln RA vaporizer working like new for much time to comes. A 650mAh lithium ion battery powers the Kiln RA's heating element, leaving you with an extremely long lasting battery that will provide a long life span between each charge as vaporizing concentrates takes very little power compared to dry blend vaporizers. This battery utilizes a one button operation that makes vaping as simple as can be and a convenient micro usb charging method with pass through charging function allows you to continue vaping while charging. Atmos also includes a stainless steel hand tool to aid in the filling process as well as a set of replacement screws and o-rings to ensure your Kiln RA remains working like new even if you are to lose these necessary parts.

The Kiln RA vaporizer was designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind. The cartridge is equipped with replaceable ceramic disc atomizers, adding an extra layer of convenience and efficiency. By securing the advanced ceramic heating disc’s connections to the Kiln RA’s connector base with Allen screws, the Kiln RA’s atomizer becomes easily interchangeable without sacrificing the even and effective heating that made the original Kiln so popular.

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  • White
  • Black
  • Grunge Black
  • Splatter Black
  • Scarab Yellow
  • Samurai Black
  • Cracked White
  • Skull & Candle


1 x Ceramic Mouthpiece
1 x Ceramic Housing
1 x Connector Base
1 x Ceramic Heating Disc Atomizer
1 x Dual-IC Protected Lithium-ion Battery
1 x Packing Tool
1 x Screw Driver
1 x Micro-USB Chord Charger
2 x Replacement Rubber Bands
2 x Replacement Screws
1 x User Manual

Comparing the Atmos Kiln RA and Imitations
The Atmos Kiln is created through an age-old ceramic process that has been passed down from generation to generation to create a pure and durable colored ceramic unmatched by similar modern processes. This difference can best be seen when comparing the inside of imitators’ ceramic housing to the original Kiln’s ceramic. These differences are far from just visual. In fact, the Atmos Kiln and Kiln RA ceramic process ensures that designs and colors are scratch resistant as well as heat resistant. The Stylized Series and colored Kilns can come into contact with an open flame without damaging the design. In addition to durability, the ceramic process creates an unrivaled potency and flavor.

To fill the Kiln RA, follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the Mouthpiece/Cap from the Kiln to expose the heating chamber.
  • Apply a small amount of wax consistency product onto the Kiln RA’s Ceramic Heating Disc.
  • Then refit the Kiln’s Mouthpiece/Cap ensuring that it is completely attached.
  • Do not pack the Kiln RA too tightly with your waxy oil.

To ensure peak performance, when using the Kiln with a variable wattage battery, we recommend using a range between 10-15 Watts. If you are using a temperature control battery with the Kiln, we recommend a temperature between 300 and 400 degrees. When using the Kiln, fire in intervals of about 3-4 seconds to avoid over working the ceramic heating disc.
WARNING: Pulsing rates and discharging rates vary with different brands of batteries, so these settings will not translate to all brands of batteries. We highly recommend starting at 5 Watts and moving up slowly if needed.


What does an atomizer do?

  • The atomizer is the coil of your vape tank. The atomizer is the key component in vaporizing e-Liquid. The term atomizer may also refer to the entire vape tank, depending on the context.

What is a concentrate atomizer?

  • A concentrate atomizer is the atomizer found on devices that heat concentrates (DAB devices). With these devices, you often place your concentrate directly onto the heating element.

How long should an atomizer last?

  • This will depend on how frequently you vape. For a moderate vaper, you should get a good two weeks out of an atomizer.

Do you need an atomizer to vape?

  • Yes. Without an atomizer, your device will be unable to heat your concentration or e-Liquid.

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White, Black, Grunge Black, Splatter Black, Scarab Yellow, Samurai Black, Cracked White, Skull & Candle


White - Atmos Kiln RA Kit


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Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love my kiln RA!

I've had Atmos R2, the Jewel and the Junior. All great. The Kiln. Is a game changer. Ceramic heating dish provides the smoothest tastiest. And airflow 2nd to none. Love it. Bought 2.

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