What Flavors are available for FUME infinity Vapes?

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The Fume INFINITY packs a 14ml of DELICIOUS e-liquid flavors, in this post we feature some of the best selling tastes that are also in the Fume EXTRAULTRAUNLIMITED or the MINI FUME vape devices.

Fume INFINITY has 12ml of your favorite Fume e-liquid flavors and a 1500 internal battery capacity so you can receive smooth, tasty hits whether from first to last PUFF!!

Fume INFINITY Has 28 different Flavors

Banana Ice flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeBanana Ice Banana Ice is a subtly sweet banana that meets a cool minty finish, for a satisfying fresh puff every time.
Black Freeze flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeBlack Freeze  Black Freeze is a tangy blue raspberry that is satisfying fruity combined into a tart all at the same time.
Blue Razz flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeBlue Razz Blue Razz has a strong bold sweet taste of blue raspberries, followed by a decent quantity of sugar rush that will leave the sweet tooth howling with excitement.
Blueberry CC (Cotton Candy) flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeBlueberry CC Blueberry CC will fill your mouth with magnificent puffs of caramelized sugar with some added coolness as sweet taste of Blueberry will follow that first puff
Blueberry Mint flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeBlueberry Mint Blueberry Mint tastes like a sweet blueberry tart flavor that is met with a cool minty finish, for a refreshingly cool puff.
Coffee Tobacco flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeCoffee Tobacco Coffee Tobacco is for those that want the simple transition from cigarettes to vaping, our classic Cuban tobacco is the answer.
Cotton Candy flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeCotton Candy Cotton Candy will fill your mouth with magnificent puffs of caramelized sugar with some added coolness as sweet taste of Blueberry will follow that first puff
Cuban Tobacco flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeCuban Tobacco Cuban Tobacco is for those that want the simple transition from cigarettes to vaping, our classic Cuban tobacco is the answer.
Desert Breeze flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeDesert Breeze Desert Breeze has the perfect combination of mint and aloe fruit is incredibly smooth. You'll experience smooth vaping and a fantastic feeling right away.
Double Apple flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeDouble Apple Double Apple a really juicy, luscious red apple taste. Without being frigid, it is cool and energizing.
Grape Ice flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeGrape Ice Grape Ice is the best flavor as it has nothing but that classic grape flavor to deliver a satisfyingly bold puff with some mint on the exhale.
Gummy Bears flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeGummy Bears Gummy Bears is a sulculant taste of mixed fruitthat makes these gummies have a smooth and sweet taste.
Kiwi Strawberry flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeKiwi Strawberry Kiwi Strawberry is ever so delightful and refreshing combination of Kiwi and Strawberry that will leave you feeling as though you've never had it before.
Lush Ice flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeLush Ice Lush Ice is lusciously delicious, enjoy the sweet and bold flavor of watermelon to bring you back to those summer days.
Lychee Ice flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeLychee Ice Lychee Ice is a every time favorite that makes a fantastic refreshing puff and produces a combining juicy Lychee taste with a dash of fresh mint.
Mango Ice flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeMango Ice Mango Ice is a tropically floral with a hint of tart citrus, our mango is sweet, juicy and undeniably delicious dont forget to feel the minty taste on the exhale.
Mint Ice flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeMint Ice Mint Ice has that distinctively familiar menthol flavor, delivering only the freshest mint in every puff.
Peach Ice flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapePeach Ice Peach Ice an abundant flavor of fresh peach with a touch of ice.
Pina Colada flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapePina Colada Pina Colada is an escape to a paradise island with the perfect combination of coconut and pineapple flavors.
Purple Rain flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapePurple Rain Purple Rain is mixed berries including raspberry, blueberry and blackberry create the perfect combination of sweet and tart flavors.
Rainbow Candy flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeRainbow Candy Rainbow Candy tastes exactly like a delicious rainbow candy mixture that has been given a touch of ice for smoothness.
Raspberry Watermelon  flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeRaspberry Watermelon Raspberry Watermelon is a smooth mix of ripe watermelon and sweet raspberry the ultimate for watermelon lovers.
Strawberry Banana flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeStrawberry Banana Strawberry Banana is the perfect balance of fresh and fruity strawberry and slightly sweet banana is always a classic.
Strawberry Mango flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeStrawberry Mango Strawberry Mango is a fresh strawberry met with a sweet mango taste for the perfect combination of juicy deliciousness.
Strawberry Watermelon flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeStrawberry Watermelon Strawberry Watermelon is a fresh and fruity strawberry that meets sweet and bold watermelon for an incredibly juicy combination.
Tropical Punch flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeTropical Punch Tropical Punch is wildly delicious combination of coconut, watermelon, mixed berry, mango, pineapple, watermelon and guava will make you feel like you’re at your favorite beach.
Unicorn flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeUnicorn Unicorn will be your favorite flavor with a deep, rich strawberry flavor with a creamy ice cream taste.
Yogurt Ice Cream flavored Fume INFINITY Disposable VapeYogurt Ice Cream Yogurt Ice Cream is a combination of two amazing flavors into one a fresh yogurt and fresh vanilla ice cream, come try all those ice cream fans.


What Flavors are available for FUME infinity Vapes?

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