Quick guide on how Vaping Works ??

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How Vaping Works ??

As popularity for Vaping and E-cigarettes has become increasingly popular over recent years, many new people have joined the Vaping community. No matter how experience you may be as a Vapor have, learning about how Vaping works will benefit their overall Vaping experience.

For the most part, every Vape device is powered by a battery. Most vaporizers make use of lithium-ion batteries because they are rechargeable and for that reason offer great value and convenience. The battery provides electrical energy to the atomizer portion of the device, which sits inside the atomizer were one or more heating coils are found. When the device is turned on the lithium-ion batteries supplies electricity to these coils and they begin generating heat. The tank sits near the end of the vaporizer device and is also called a cartridge. The disposable variety usually have the cartridge in them. This tank is where the e-liquid is contained and will eventually become the smokable vapor. Other names for e-liquids are  e-juice or Vape juice and a wide variety of flavors can be found to choose from.

In most newer models of Vape devices the tank is built-in into the atomizer furthermore the two combined parts is referred to as a cartomizer. If a cartomizer is made from a clear material which allows you to see the level of e-liquid or "juice" inside those are called a clearomizer. Doesn't matter what form of tank your device has it will always allow the heating coils to come in contact with the e-juice. When it is heated to the right temperature the e-juice turns into vapor. Simply place your mouth on the mouthpiece to draw in the flavored vapor.