FUME INFINTY 2% low nicotine disposable vape

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The Fume INFINITY 2% is Fumes newest disposable vape with 3500 puffs and only 2% Nicotine that's big enough to offer any vape enthusiast bragging rights, and still fits in the palm of your hand. Fume INFINITY 2% integrates a highly efficient and dependable 1500mAh powered built in battery that lasts longer than most deposable vapes. Pre-filled with a 12ml E-liquid flavor pod, the Fume INFINITY 2% comes in a wide variety of Fumes classic flavors.

Fume INFINITY 2% disposable vape are well designed and crafted, has a rounded or elongated shape that feels comfortable between the fingers. It's also great for traveling and for those wanting a more discrete vaping experience. Fume Vape products are manufactured with medical-grade technology and specifically designed to maximize puff capacity, making your vape experience as long-lasting, convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Give it a try, and you'll know why so many people that are trying to quit love the INFINITY 2%.

How much nicotine is in a fume infinity?

It has only a 2% low Nicotine concentrate and gives a whopping 3500 puffs.

Fume Extra Disposable Flavors

There are many flavors available for the Fume INFINITY 2% low nictotine disposable vape:

BANANA ICE:- Subtly sweet banana meets a cool minty finish, for a satisfying fresh puff every time.
BLUE RAZZ:- Tangy blue raspberry is satisfying fruity and tart all at the same time.
BLUEBERRY MINT:- Sweet and tart blueberry flavor meets a cool minty finish, for a refreshingly cool puff.
CUBAN TOBACCO:- For those that want the simple transition from cigarettes to vaping, our classic Cuban tobacco is the answer.
FRESH VANILLA:- Sweet and fresh, our vanilla delivers that simply satisfying flavor you know and love.
GRAPE:- Nothing but that classic grape flavor to deliver a satisfyingly bold puff.
LUSH ICE:- Lusciously delicious, enjoy the sweet and bold flavor of watermelon to bring you back to those summer days.
MANGO:- Tropically floral with a hint of tart citrus, our mango is sweet, juicy and undeniably delicious.
MELON ICE:- Always satisfyingly sweet and juicy, enjoy the distinct flavor of cantaloupe with a crisp minty finish.
MINT ICE:- For that distinctively familiar menthol flavor, delivering only the freshest mint in every puff.
PINA COLADA:- Escape to a paradise island with the perfect combination of coconut and pineapple flavors.
PINAPPLE ICE:- Sweet and slightly tart pineapple meets a fresh minty finish, delivering a satisfying balance to every puff.
PINK LEMONADE:- Undeniably sweet sugar and deliciously tart lemon meet to create that classic pink lemonade flavor.
PURPLE RAIN:- Mixed berries including raspberry, blueberry and blackberry create the perfect combination of sweet and tart flavors.
STRAWBERRY BANANA:- The perfect balance of fresh and fruity strawberry and slightly sweet banana is always a classic.
STRAWBERRY MANGO:- Fresh strawberry meets sweet mango for the perfect combination of juicy deliciousness.
STRAWBERRY WATERMELON:- Fresh and fruity strawberry meets sweet and bold watermelon for an incredibly juicy combination.
STRAWBERRY:- Fresh and fruity strawberry is all you'll taste in this deliciously bold and juicy flavor.
TANGERINE ICE:- Tangy and tart tangerine meets a fresh minty finish, delivering a satisfying balance to every puff.
TROPICAL FRUIT:- A wildly delicious combination of coconut, watermelon, mixed berry, mango, pineapple, watermelon and guava will make you feel like you're at your favorite beach.

    Fume INFINTY 2% Disposable Vape Device Details:

    Size: 12ml
    Nicotine Strength: 2%
    Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
    Puff Count: 3500+ Puffs
    Flavors we currently have: 6 Available Flavors
      FUME INFINTY 2% low nicotine disposable vape


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