Fume Authentication what you need to know.

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PRODUCT AUTHENTICATION of your Fume products is always a good idea to make sure you have a original and authentic vape product. Fume Vapes have become very popular on the vape market and for this reason you are starting to see many FAKE or counterfeit Fume Vapes appearing everywhere for sale.

To verify its not a fake you will have to remove or scratch off the sticker from the package to reveal a sku code then head over to Fumes official website to enter the code and click VALIDATE.

If you can't find a sticker then obviously you have a fake and know what to do ? Another way to know if you have a genuine FUME vape product is to take a puff from it and see if a blue light is present at the bottom of the vape device, again if you do not see a blue light then its most probably a FAKE.

When purchasing FUME vapes all of them will have authentication codes on them, there's two different authentication code sticker designs. Certain boxes will have one design, while other boxes will have the other design. Other than that, everything about the packaging is similar to each other especially for the untrained eye.

The fake one is all gray/silver with black writing and has the scratcher on the bottom of the box.

The real one that’s older is Multi colors of silver/gray, pinkish purple, bluish green with black writing. It has a holographic security thread running left to right with QRJOY on it, all the different colored inks that are on it are also security Ink. The scratcher is also on the bottom of this one. The older real ones will have fumeofficial.com this is there older site and since then have made a newer modern site.

The new one is an orangey yellow with reddish maroon writing. It has a holographic security threat on the left going to the bottom and the scratcher is on the right side on the bottom side. They will have the new website fumevapors.com Both the new and old ones will have the QRJOY logo with the Fume logo.

Older Real Fume Authentication what you need to know authentication.

Be aware that these FAKE or COUNTERFEIT Fume vapes could be very harmful to you as they are not tested or have any safety standards and who knows what harmful ingredients are put in them.

Here are the five most important this to look for on the packaging.

  1. THE OFFICIAL MANUFACTURER IS: Dongguaun XingDa Electronic Technology Co., LTD.
  2. BOX - Must have both FUME & QRJOY logos above the authentication label
  3. PRODUCT - Must have QRJOY logo under the FUME logo.
  4. AUTHENTICATION URL - Must be www.fumevapors.com for all new products
Fume Authentication what you need to know.

Check to see if your Fume products is an original and authentic product.

Here is the link to go and authenticate you FUME vapes. www.fumevapors.com/authentication 

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