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Blueberry Lemonade – Bali MAXXX Vape 10pk
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10PK - Bali MAXXX Disposable Vape Device | 3000 Puffs Introducing the Bali Maxxx Disposable Vape Device, a powerful successor to the popular Bali Class Disposable vapes. It's a little taller than its predecessor, accommodating the extra e-juice necessary to meet the requirements of frequent vapers who seek more hits...

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Blueberry Lemonade
Blueberry Lemonade

Fiji Fruit
Fiji Fruit

Pina Colada
Pina Colada

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10PK - Bali MAXXX Disposable Vape Device | 3000 Puffs

Introducing the Bali Maxxx Disposable Vape Device, a powerful successor to the popular Bali Class Disposable vapes. It's a little taller than its predecessor, accommodating the extra e-juice necessary to meet the requirements of frequent vapers who seek more hits and power from a single device.

Constructed using high-quality, robust materials, this pod vape is designed to withstand the occasional bumps and drops without breaking, ensuring lasting durability. Bali Maxxx disposable vape pods are not only sturdy but also house an impressive 9ml of high-quality e-Liquid. Created from top-notch, food-grade ingredients, the e-juice provides a tastier and safer vaping experience, setting it a class apart from the competition.

At the heart of the Bali Maxxx Disposable Vape device is a powerful 1100mAh battery. This powerhouse ensures that your device remains active until the last drop of e-juice is vaporized. With the Bali Maxxx, you can anticipate the most satisfying vape sessions, bursting with rich flavors, dense clouds, and an ample dose of nicotine.

If nicotine hit and flavors are your primary concerns, then the Bali Maxxx disposable vapes are your perfect match. These vapes generate phenomenal flavors that not only keep you enchanted but also help you maintain distance from traditional cigarettes. The intense nicotine rush delivered by Bali Maxxx ensures you won't even think about reaching for a pack of cigarettes anymore.

In terms of cost efficiency, Bali Maxxx disposable pods shine. Offering over 3000 puffs per device, you can enjoy worry-free vaping with no concerns about recharging, refilling, or maintenance. When it comes to cost per puff, Bali Maxxx ranks among the top user-rated disposables in its price range. This vape device maintains consistent performance and flavor right till the last hit, making it an excellent choice for those looking to save money on replacements in the long run.

Delving into the specifications and features, the Bali Maxxx Disposable vape boasts a 1100mAh battery capacity and an impressive 9ml e-juice capacity. It comes with a 5% nicotine strength, equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, but in the form of smoother and more enjoyable salt nicotine. Capable of delivering 3000+ puffs, the Bali Maxxx is available in 15 delectable flavor choices, ensuring there's something for everyone.

For a combination of top-notch quality, remarkable performance, and value for money, the Bali Maxxx Disposable Vape Device is undoubtedly the right choice for vapers seeking the best disposable vape device at a reasonable price.

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Bali MAXXX Disposable Vape Pod Details:

  • E-Liquid Capacity Size: 9ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 5.0% or 50mg
  • Salt Nicotine equivalent to about 1 pack of cigarettes
  • Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
  • Puff Count: 3000+ Puffs
  • Flavors: 15 Available Flavors

Bali MAXXX Disposable Vape Flavors:

  • Black Ice: Unveil the mystery of our Black Ice vape juice. It perfectly blends dark, intense berries with a shockingly refreshing mint kick for a vape that’s intriguingly delicious and cool.
  • Blueberry Lemonade: Dive into the fruity fusion of tangy lemonade and sweet blueberries with our Blueberry Lemonade vape juice. This bright and zesty blend delivers a balanced burst of refreshment with each puff.
  • Fiji Fruit: Take a taste trip to the tropical islands with our Fiji Fruit vape juice. Experience an exotic mix of ripe, vibrant fruits that offer a colorful splash of sweet and tangy flavor.
  • Frozen Peach: Embrace the chilly sweetness of our Frozen Peach vape juice. Enjoy the naturally sweet and aromatic flavor of ripe peaches, enhanced by an icy finish for a frosty fresh vaping experience.
  • Ice Mint: Invigorate your senses with the chilling freshness of our Ice Mint vape juice. The cool, crisp taste of mint provides an invigorating vape that’s as refreshing as a winter morning.
  • Kiwi Berry: Experience the harmonious blend of ripe, tangy kiwi and sweet, juicy berries with our Kiwi Berry vape juice. This delightful mix delivers a vibrant taste sensation that's bursting with flavor.
  • Lush Ice: Dive into the deliciously chilling combination of sweet melons and cool menthol with our Lush Ice vape juice. This luscious blend delivers a frosty fruit flavor that's delightfully invigorating.
  • Mangorita: Taste the tropics with our Mangorita vape juice. This exotic blend captures the rich, succulent flavor of ripe mangoes with a tangy margarita twist for a vape that's delightfully refreshing.
  • Melon Berry: Explore the fruity fusion of sweet melons and tart berries with our Melon Berry vape juice. This succulent blend offers a balanced, mouthwatering vape that's bursting with fresh, vibrant flavor.
  • Pina Colada: Enjoy the taste of a tropical getaway with our Pina Colada vape juice. This delightful mix of creamy coconut and tangy pineapple offers a sweet and refreshing vaping experience.
  • Pineapple Ice: Experience the tropically sweet and icy cool blend of our Pineapple Ice vape juice. The natural sweetness of ripe pineapple meets a frosty menthol kick for a refreshing tropical treat.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: Delight in the juicy fusion of ripe strawberries and crisp watermelon with our Strawberry Watermelon vape juice. This sweet, refreshing blend delivers a burst of summer fruit flavor with each puff.
  • Tropical Fruit: Escape to a flavor paradise with our Tropical Fruit vape juice. This enticing blend combines a variety of exotic fruits for a taste sensation that's wonderfully vibrant and deliciously sweet.
  • Very Berry: Savor the intense fruitiness of our Very Berry vape juice. This powerful blend brings together a medley of sweet and tangy berries for a flavor explosion that's undeniably berrylicious.
  • Watermelon Kiwi: Dive into the juicy sweetness of ripe watermelon and tart kiwi with our Watermelon Kiwi vape juice. This tantalizing mix delivers a vibrant, fruity vape that's delightfully refreshing.

Bali MAXXX Disposable Vape Pod Contents:

  • 10 x Bali MAXXX Disposable Vape Pod
  • 10 x Your choice of Bali MAXXX Flavors

10PK Disposable Vape Device




Primary PK, Black Ice, Blueberry Lemonade, Fiji Fruit, Frozen Peach, Ice Mint, Kiwi Berry, Lush Ice, Mangorita, Melon Berry, Pina Colada, Pineapple Ice, Strawberry Watermelon, Tropical Fruit, Very Berry, Watermelon Kiwi


Blueberry Lemonade – Bali MAXXX Vape 10pk


20.0 oz


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