What is Esco Bars Mesh by Pastel Cartel FRUITIA?

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What is Pastel Cartel FRUITIA's Esco Bars Mesh and how many Pufffs will they give you?

The 2500 puff Fruitia Esco Bar Mesh Disposables are a fantastic way to indulge in your preferred fruits while satisfying your nicotine craving. For the delivery of their new range of Esco Bar 2500 Puff Disposable vape pods, Pastel Cartel collaborated with Fruitia by Fresh Farms E-liquid.

The Fruitia Esco Bars contains a large 1000mAh battery, a 6ml pre-filled e-liquid pod, and 11 incredible, unbelievably delicious, true-to-taste flavor options.

The Fruitia Esco Bars MESH vape pen features a strong draw that produces a lot of vapor and meets your demands for vaping.

The amazing taste and strong buzz that the Pastel Cartel Esco Bar vape produces make it a newly popular gadget. These premium disposables are at the top of the line and have a huge 1000mAh battery.

They are available in a variety of incredible flavors, like Banana Ice, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon Ice, Red Apple, Lychee Mango and Bubblegum Ice, to mention a few.

Pastel Cartel FRUITIA Esco Bars MESH Disposable Vape Device Details:

Mesh Coil
E-liquid Size: 6ml
Nicotine Strength: 5.0%
Salt Nicotine equivalent to about 1 pack of cigarettes
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Puff Count: 2500+ Puffs
Flavors: 11 Available Flavors

Pastel Cartel FRUITIA Esco Bars MESH Disposable Vape Device Flavors:

Blue Gummy
Blue Raspberry Lemon
Fuji Apple Ice
Lychee Mango
Mango Guava Ice
Pacific Cooler
Pink Burst
Snow Cone Ice
Sun Kissed
Watermelon Bubble Gum
White Gummy

In Conclusion.

There are several different vape disposables available in a broad range of prices. This might make it challenging to select the ideal vape for you. The distinctive flavor profile in the vapor that this product produces immediately distinguishes it from the competitors. Pastel Cartel's Esco Bars are the only nicotine disposable brand that has mastered the ideal balance of high nicotine concentration and outstanding flavor.
This is what has quickly established it as a recognizable brand. These gadgets also stand out from other well-known rivals like the puff bar and air bar by offering three times the durability for the same price because to their 2,500 puff capacity.
The Esco Bars Mega from the same company, Pastel Cartel, is the sole option for people searching for a gadget with the same quality and more.

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What is Esco Bars Mesh by Pastel Cartel FRUITIA?


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