EB Design (Formerly Elf Bar) BC5000 Ultra Vape Review

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Taking a deep dive into the latest offering from the well-established EB DESIGN (Formely Elf Bar), we're going to put the newly released BC5000 Ultra disposable vape under the microscope. We're exploring how its taste profiles compare to the same flavors from the traditional BC5000.


The Ultra variant of the BC5000 introduces a series of notable enhancements, including an innovative mesh coil technology and superior wicking capabilities. The device's shell has also been substantially strengthened. The new model, unlike the old BC5000 with its susceptible plastic bottom piece that could shatter upon impact, boasts a fortified design that's less prone to breakage when dropped. For individuals like myself who tend to drop their vape devices frequently, this upgrade is a significant benefit.


Sporting a metallic sheen, the BC5000 Ultra carries the same dimensions as its predecessor, the BC5000. Its sleek appearance, coupled with the introduction of the groundbreaking QUAQ coil technology, takes the vaping experience to the next level.

The BC5000 Ultra, like its forerunner, is easy to hold and carry around while multitasking. The rounded edges give the device a comfortable grip, while its metallic finish imparts a trendy look. It's compact enough to slip into a pocket or bag, measuring 3.5in tall x 1.5in wide, .75in thick, with a .5in oval drip tip extending from the top.

Charging is straightforward with a Type-C port located at the bottom, similar to the BC5000. Airflow is managed by three slits at the device's base, which are slightly larger on the Ultra, although the airflow feels relatively identical. Charging times have been reported to average around 1.5 hours from a completely drained state.

Its exterior, a matte metal shell, seems more robust than the BC5000's standard casing. The aesthetic has been refreshed from the pastel hues to a more sophisticated metallic gradient, giving it a more premium electronic device feel.

As for the draw, it's silent, smooth, and consistent. The sound of the vape juice crackling as you take a puff on the Ultra is somewhat more noticeable. Thanks to the new QUAQ Tech Mesh Coil and wicking technology, you can expect a boost in flavor and more efficient juice usage, leading to reduced power consumption and longer periods between charges.


  • Vape juice capacity: 13ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 5.0%
  • Puff Count: 5000
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Rechargeable via USB-C (Cable not included)
  • Available Flavors: 15
  • Vape Juice: The same juice vaped through a significantly improved device.

EB Design (Formely Elf Bar) BC5000 Ultra Vape Review


I subjected both devices to a series of tests to measure how they perform under stress. The aim was to evaluate the effects of overheating, potential flavor alteration during continuous usage, and physical durability upon being dropped.

In the case of the BC5000, after several continuous draws, the vapor production was somewhat underwhelming due to the restricted airflow. Still, it ensured that the vape juice didn't burn, and the device remained cool.

For the Ultra, however, I found it to be more accommodating to demanding usage. The device continued to perform admirably, even during heavy draws, and the vape juice flavor stayed consistent throughout.

When comparing the two, although the airflow is similar, the vapor volume is much greater in the Ultra. This results in a more substantial and tastier draw. The device's improvements definitely add to the overall experience and make for a more enjoyable vaping session.

One other feature that struck me about the Ultra was its improved battery life. While both models sport a 650mAh battery, the newer BC5000 Ultra seemed to last longer under similar usage patterns. This can be attributed to the efficient mesh coil, which uses less power while delivering a high-quality vape experience.

Finally, in terms of durability, the Ultra model outshone the older BC5000. After a few accidental drops, the Ultra remained unscathed thanks to its fortified design, while the BC5000 showed signs of wear and tear.



Experience Ultimate Chill with Blue Razz Ice EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000 (Formerly ELF BAR) Blue Cotton Candy Blue Cotton Candy EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: This vape produces an authentic cotton candy flavor, heavily imbued with a blueberry touch. This vape allows for a pleasant stroll down memory lane, replicating the feeling of enjoying cotton candy at a fair. The sugary notes might be intense, but the flavor is so genuine it keeps you coming back for more. After each puff, a lingering icy sweetness remains, prompting another hit.
Dragon Fruit Banana Berry EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Unique Fruity Fusion You Can't Miss (Formerly ELF BAR) Blue Razz Ice Blue Razz Ice EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: A masterstroke of flavor balance, this vape brilliantly combines the tartness of blue raspberries and the chilling sensation of ice. This gives a delectably sweet and cool blend that can easily be an all-day vape. This iteration of the Blue Razz Ice flavor shines with a pronounced authenticity that makes you appreciate blue raspberries in a vape.
Grape Honeydew EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Experience Sweet Melon & Juicy Grape Combo (Formerly ELF BAR) Dragon Fruit Banana Berry Dragon Fruit Banana Berry EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: A unique and bold flavor, this vape pairs the tartness of dragon fruit with the creamy sweetness of bananas and the classic taste of berries. The result is a vape that's exotic and layered, producing a captivating blend of fruit flavors. Although the dragon fruit lends a unique edge, the well-balanced mix doesn't let it overpower the mix.
Kiwi Dragon Fruit Berry EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Exotic Blend Bursting with Flavors (Formerly ELF BAR) Grape Honeydew Grape Honeydew EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: This vape is an interesting fusion of grape's natural sweetness with the refreshing taste of honeydew melon. The result is an intriguing, unique flavor profile that could pique the interest of adventurous vapers. Despite its unusual combination, it excels in providing a satisfyingly fruity vape experience.
Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Indulge in the Irresistible Tropical Trio (Formerly ELF BAR) Kiwi Dragon Fruit Berry Kiwi Dragon Fruit Berry EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: This is a harmonious blend of tart kiwi, tangy dragon fruit, and sweet berries. Each puff delivers distinct layers of fruit flavors that doesn't muddle into a generic fruity taste. The balance of flavors is remarkable and the mild sourness of the dragon fruit makes for an interesting twist.
Mint EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Stay Fresh and Cool All Day (Formerly ELF BAR) Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: A tropical masterpiece, this vape gives a delightful mix of tart kiwi, aromatic passion fruit, and sweet guava. Despite the complexity of flavors, they are well balanced and none overpowers the other. It's a smooth, tropical vape that can transport you to a sunny beach with every puff.
Orange Soda EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Enjoy Fizzy Citrus Fix in a Vape (Formerly ELF BAR) Mint Mint EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: This vape embodies the refreshing taste of mint in the most delightful way. It reminds you of a fresh stick of peppermint gum and lacks any of the stale, leftover taste common in many mint vapes. The refreshing coolness and sweet notes make this an enjoyable and invigorating vape.
Raspberry Watermelon EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Juicy Fruit Burst in Every Puff (Formerly ELF BAR) Orange Soda Orange Soda EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: A brilliantly crafted flavor, this vape remarkably captures the zest and sweetness of orange soda. Despite the intensity of flavor, it manages to maintain a pleasing taste that isn't overwhelming. It provides a refreshing orange vape experience that's both enjoyable and satisfying.
Strawberry Mango EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Perfect Balance of Sweet and Tangy Flavors (Formerly ELF BAR) Raspberry Watermelon Raspberry Watermelon EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: This vape delivers a pleasing combination of the tartness of raspberries and the juicy sweetness of watermelon. The balance is well done and neither flavor dominates the other. It's an enjoyable fruity vape, perfect for those who prefer authentic fruit flavors.
Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Relive Childhood Memories (Formerly ELF BAR) Strawberry Mango Strawberry Mango EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: A delightfully fruity blend, this vape presents the sweet, tangy taste of strawberries and the exotic richness of mangoes. The flavor is well-balanced, with the strawberry and mango complementing each other perfectly. It's a deliciously sweet vape that isn't overly intense, making it a great all-day option.
Strawberry Watermelon Peach EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Unforgettable Summer Trio in a Vape (Formerly ELF BAR) Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum Strawberry Watermelon Bubble Gum EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: A sweetly nostalgic flavor, this vape perfectly captures the essence of bubble gum mixed with fruity notes of strawberry and watermelon. It's a playful, sweet vape that recreates the childhood joy of chewing bubblegum while incorporating a fruity blend. The strawberry and watermelon flavors provide a succulent backdrop, creating a sweet, balanced profile that doesn't overpower the bubble gum base.
Tobacco EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Classic Taste Reimagined (Formerly ELF BAR) Strawberry Watermelon Peach Strawberry Watermelon Peach EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: This vape provides a delectable combination of juicy strawberries, refreshing watermelon, and the unique sweet-tart flavor of peaches. The result is an explosion of fruit flavors that are perfectly balanced, offering a unique vaping experience. The peach notes give it a distinctive edge, providing a delightfully surprising finish to each puff.
Tropical Rainbow Blast EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Enjoy Fruitful Flavor Explosion (Formerly ELF BAR) Tobacco Tobacco EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: This vape is an excellent option for those who appreciate the robustness of tobacco. It manages to capture the complex flavors of tobacco without veering into the unpleasant ashtray taste that many tobacco vapes struggle with. It presents an earthy, rich, and slightly sweet flavor that could remind one of a finely crafted cigar or premium pipe tobacco.
Watermelon Ice EB DESIGN ULTRA 5000: Refreshing Watermelon Treat with a Cool Twist (Formerly ELF BAR) Tropical Rainbow Blast Tropical Rainbow Blast EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: A vibrant and exciting mix, this vape captures the essence of an island fruit cocktail with a slightly icy twist. It brings together flavors like pineapple, mango, papaya, and blueberries, creating a tropical medley that's complex yet balanced. Each fruit contributes to the overall flavor, making every puff a mini vacation.
Strawberry Peach Death Row 5000 Vape - Luscious Fruit Combination Watermelon Ice Watermelon Ice EB DESIGN (formerly Elf Bar) Ultra: This vape marries the juicy, sweet taste of watermelon with a cool, refreshing icy note. The result is a perfectly balanced blend that's refreshing and satisfying. It offers a great summer vibe, providing the sensation of enjoying a slice of chilled watermelon on a hot day. The icy notes enhance the watermelon flavor without overshadowing it, leading to a cool, fruity, and well-rounded vaping experience.



In terms of flavor, both devices do justice to EB DESIGN EB DESIGN (Formely Elf Bar)'s wide variety of offerings. The EB DESIGN BC5000 Ultra, however, takes things a notch higher. The enhanced coil design ensures that every puff delivers an intense burst of flavor, making the vaping experience even more immersive.

Even when used continuously, the Ultra manages to maintain the same flavor profile, with no hints of burnt taste. This consistency was not as well-maintained in the older BC5000 model.


In conclusion, the EB DESIGN BC5000 Ultra has set a new benchmark for disposable vape devices. With its upgraded features like a more robust design, enhanced battery life, and improved coil technology, it offers a superior vaping experience compared to its predecessor.

While the BC5000 did not disappoint, the EB DESIGN BC5000 Ultra just does everything a little bit better. If you're someone who enjoys vaping and is looking for an upgrade, then the EB DESIGN BC5000 Ultra is worth considering. Its superior build quality, improved performance, and enhanced flavor delivery make it a clear winner in this comparison.

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